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Castles can fly?

A writer's take on his batch's sand-castle bonding activity

RI Open House

On 25th of May, RI held its annual open house, which aims to showcase various aspects of school life to primary 6 students and their parents. The program starts at 8:30am and will end around 1pm.

Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day, seemingly just an escape from the first period of school on the 15th of February every year. The whole cohort squeezes in the tiny foyer outside Albert Hong Hall, waiting for the clock to strike 7.20 so they can enter the air-conditioned paradise.

Elitism in RI

It’s quite saddening that the first sentence on a Straits Times article reads: “Besides Raffles Institution, other premier schools said they have stepped up efforts to engage primary schools, from holding roadshows for pupils and their parents to meeting primary school leaders.”

Team Raffles Day

For many of us it is just about wearing your comfortable PE T- shirt. For others it may be to wear your heavy duty UG uniform. And others just to laze around during assembly. But why do we actually celebrate this ceremony?

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