Castles can fly?

A writer's take on his batch's sand-castle bonding activity

Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day, seemingly just an escape from the first period of school on the 15th of February every year. The whole cohort squeezes in the tiny foyer outside Albert Hong Hall, waiting for the clock to strike 7.20 so they can enter the air-conditioned paradise.

Elitism in RI

It’s quite saddening that the first sentence on a Straits Times article reads: “Besides Raffles Institution, other premier schools said they have stepped up efforts to engage primary schools, from holding roadshows for pupils and their parents to meeting primary school leaders.”

Team Raffles Day

For many of us it is just about wearing your comfortable PE T- shirt. For others it may be to wear your heavy duty UG uniform. And others just to laze around during assembly. But why do we actually celebrate this ceremony?

Ortega Cup

The Ortega Cup is an annual football competition between RI and SJI. This Ortega Cup has come to symbolize the essence of team spirit, sportsmanship and fellowship and is an annual event bringing together soccer players and ardent supporters from both institutions since the 70s.

Ocean Pollution

Humans, our kind, our race, our species. Reigning the world, with the palm of our hands. Glorious creatures, are we not? We have Mother Nature bowing down at our feet, begging for mercy. Powerful, are we not?

Orientation Camp

The orientation camp is an initiation every gryphon hatchling goes through before the start of their Raffles career. In this special camp, students are inculcated with Rafflesian values, familiarised with the environment and they also forge new friendships to sustain them for the school year. This year, the theme was “Audeamus”, meaning “Let Us Dare” in Latin.


The Junior Rafflesian Investiture Ceremony (JRIC) is an annual event held to officially welcome the Year 1s to the Rafflesian Family. This year’s ceremony was held on the 5th of January 2018.

House spirit and CNY

Nowadays, as part of our holistic education, we are taught about the importance of teamwork and having unity, spirit and cohesion. Ranging from School Spirit to Class Spirit to even the spirit of perseverance, it seems like there is no limit to these. During the Lunar New Year Season, there is the festive spirit, but is that the only one?